Q: What are the prices for music lessons?

A: Visit our page Education for more details about rates for singing and music lessons. Visit our page Recording for more details about the rates of recording. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to get a quote.

Q: Parking is available at the Studio?

A: Yes, you can park in front of the studio (free)!

Q: I’m a freelance engineer or music teacher, can I hire your studios?

A: Yes, you can! Please contact us for further information and price enquiries.

Q: Do you offer work experience at your studios?

A: Not at the moment, things might change though.

Q: Do you guys have a Facebook?

A: Yes, find us on Voice & Music Studio

Q: Do you have a drum kit at Voice & Music Studio?

A: No, the reason for this is because each project suits a different style of kit. For full productions, we recommend hiring a kit.

Any more questions? Please contact us!